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Robert Hextall (Rob)

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15th April 1969


Born and bred in Wolverhampton, in the West Midlands of England.
University of Birmingham, Joint Honours Economics and Politics.
After working in USA, Holland and Italy, I settled in Vitoria-Gasteiz in 1994. For the last 20 years I have worked in all aspects of English teaching including materials production, content creation, TOEIC examiner and owning and running a language school.
I am specialised in coaching Business English and I hold the International Business English Trainer (Cert IBET) certificate from Trinity College London.

Why I’m an English Coach:

I find working in small groups to acheive goals really satisfying. I love it when people explain how English has helped them at work or on holiday. Learners help me learn new things too.

Advice to learners:

“Only if you train hard can you play hard.” Dusko Ivanovic.
You are learning a language and you will have to work hard and consistently to progress – don’t expect the ‘profesor de inglés’ to bring a magic pill! Be patient and positive about progress. “Yes we can!”

Other interests:

Photography, sports, positiveness, current affairs and technology.

Favourite colours:

Depending on the situation green or orange.

Favourite book:

The Time Traveller’s Wife – Audrey Niffenegger.

Favourite movie:

The Life of Brian – Monty Python.

Favourite TV programmes:

The Expanse, Big Bang Theory, Humans, Página Dos, La Noche de, La Noche Temática.

Favourite food:

Northern Spanish ‘hot pots’, Pintxos, Indian, Chinese (but not in Spain) and traditional British ‘pub’ food.

Favourite quote:

“We are the very privileged owners of a brief spark of consciousness. The brain is responsible for that consciousness and when it ceases to work that will be the end of us. We therefore have to take responsibility for it. You can not rely on the idea of a paradise elsewhere, a paradise for which you can expect others to make sacrifices.”
Ian McEwen

My favourite songs:

1. Fool’s Gold – The Stone Roses
2. Right Here, Right Now – Fatboy Slim
3. Edge of the Ocean – Ivy

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